Q-Zar presents the

Be part of the Star Wars experience, Step into our amazing VR escape room and do battle with Darth Vader, solve puzzles and learn the Jedi ways to escape his grasp. 

Enter Tampa's first VR escape room and become a Jedi trader. 
Captured by the imperial forces you get to meet Darth Vader himself and he forces you to open a long-secret crystal, You must then escape your cell, rescue your fellow hostages solving each puzzle to get to the next room and even having to deal with stormtroopers and eventually Darth Vader himself. This is part action and part puzzle and all escape room in amazing VR, this is an escape room done like none other.

Check our special introductory pricing just $39.95 per person

Each experience (there are 3 separate ones) can last about an hour depending on how well you solve the puzzles