Q-Zar gear, equipment and
memorabilia sale

VR system 

A turn-key VR system ready to make you money after setup, with our experience and proven system you can be up and running in a few days.​

  • 4 wireless VR headsets loaded with games

  • 8 x 8-hour battery packs (Hot-swappable)

  • 4 x 50-inch monitors with wall mounts

  • 1 x Game advertising monitor

  • 1 x wireless link system

  • 4 x control tablets for headsets

  • 4 x Casting units

  • Chargers for batteries and headsets

  • Interactive player game touchscreen

  • Installation/operation advice available.


Giant Q-Zar mural panels

Each one about 80 inches long by 144 inches high.