September 2nd - 4th

Rules & Guidelines

All teams must be ready to enter the briefing room at, or before, the 2 minute mark of when the current game ends.  Once all teams have vested all players must report to the “clipboard marshal” and provide names, colors, and numbers. At this point, players and marshals should do a quick once over inspection of their packs in a good faith effort to report, or remedy, any issues or malfunction. After which, all players must energize and go to their respective HQ’s and ready themselves for game start.
If a player has an extreme issue with their own pack during game play, they should report it to the nearest marshal so it can be switched out with another pack.  If a player has an extreme issue with an opponent’s pack, the initiating player must ask the opponent to swap the pack out at which time BOTH players leave for equal duration. If the opponent player refuses to switch his or her pack out, then the initiating player must contact a marshal who will then inspect the pack. If the marshal agrees that the pack is of extreme issue, that player must accompany the marshal to switch out his or her pack. Game play for those individual players will then commence. This guideline is not to be exploited in any fashion. If it is deemed as such, the playing manipulating and exploiting will be disqualified from participating in the tournament.
The pack straps may be worn reasonably snug/loose to the player's liking provided the straps, or pack, do not obstruct the sensors in any way deemed abnormal.
Optional.  If not worn, it must be properly situated (Euro tie) and not loose.
The above mentioned are the ONLY adjustments allowed.  You may not make severe alterations to the pack to gain a completive advantage.  This includes but is not limited to fat packing, skinny packing, clipping, etc. DO NOT DO IT!  You and possibly your team will be disqualified.
When a player is out of lives they must immediately head to the nearest energizer by the shortest route.  If a path is blocked due to a duel, then an alternate longer path may be taken.  Pausing or stopping to create a set is not permitted.  If you are at a constant pace to the energizer you may create an inadvertent bounce.  This is not to be exploited and will be watched for.
Allowed, but must not encroach or impede a player’s movement in any way.  Contact being made means that player is not in control and is grounds for a violation
No climbing/jumping/vaulting on or over any obstacles.
Players must hold the gun with both hands at all times. No exceptions.
"Complete" covers are not permitted, which is any cover which covers both sides of the gun as well as the front of the pack simultaneously.  This includes the 2G, the Crab, the Chirstmas, etc. The Cobb (Kenny cover) is allowed at this time.
You may not wear anything that has long sleeves or that will allow for an unfair competitive advantage.  If you are concerned about a particular item please present it before hand for approval.
Compression sleeves are allowed.
You may not invade personal space. This means that if you get close enough to hamper the movement of another player or their gun, you are too close. A guideline for this would be to keep at least an arms-length from your opponent.  After you tag a player you may not move towards them.
You may raise your knee in a controlled manner to where your upper thigh is parallel to the ground and your lower leg is kept relatively perpendicular to the ground.  You may NOT lift your knee in an aggressive of gainful manner. This will be grounds for an immediate warning.  There is a high risk factor of creating a violation. 
There is no physical contact, period. Players may not intentionally hit, push, lean on, or otherwise support themselves with another player.  Be mindful of your surroundings, and in control at all times.  You will be immediately disqualified and the authorities may be notified for serious infractions. Understand this rule.
If a team ends up playing back to back they have the option of a 10 minute break.
Players are not permitted to lie down in the arena, trip a player, or otherwise maneuver
themselves in such a fashion as to cause a hazard.
You must show respect for the arena structure and equipment. If you are tampering or damaging any part of the arena or equipment, you will be disqualified and the authorities may be notified.
No player may intentionally obstruct another player's shot using your hand, gun, or any part of the body.
Players must make reasonable effort to allow the player they are dueling to move past or around them.  If two players want the same vantage point, live player has right of way.  Otherwise, first come first served.
No player is allowed to leave the arena once they are in. This includes spectators unless with approval.  Players may leave for a pack exchange under marshal supervision, or an alternation of players between halves.
These include, but are not limited to, key plugs or universal remotes and are not allowed in the center.  If you have one of these or something similar, you must check it in with the competition organizer.  If there is any foul play using a device of the like, that TEAM will be disqualified and possibly banned.
International rules are in effect. This means that moving at greater speeds is allowed…but within the context of all rules.  There is an upper limit to quick movement that will be deemed “dangerous” and out of control.  Do not full out run. NO SPRINTING!
You must command a professional level demeanor in and around the center.
You must be mindful of regular patrons and not use vulgarities or vulgar behavior.
You must not verbally abuse or threaten or otherwise degrade or denigrate anybody in and out of the arena.
Be responsible. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, in the center.
Marshal’s decisions must be complied with. The competition organizer’s decision is final.
If a player thinks a marshal is being unfair, bring it to the competition organizer for review.
If you have a problem with the choices of marshals for any of your matches, you must get your captain to approach the competition organizer before the match begins.
Violation System: (for most violatiosn this is a progressive system):
1. Warning
2. A "walk"
3. Removed from the game
4. Disqualified from the tournament
5. Expulsion from game center and any future events.
Side Strap:
Gun Neck Strap: 
Pack Adjusting:
Out of Lives:
Gun Control:
Arm Protection:
Playing Too Close:
Rising Knee:
Physical Contact:
Game Breaks:
Player Hazards:
Arena & Equipment:
Shot Obstruction:
Player Encroachment:
Exiting the Arena:
"Cheating Devices":

Much of the content was taken from Q-Zar Concord Tournament page