Rules Of The Game

Playing the game of Q-Zar laser tag is pretty easy but we do have some basic rules and flow of the game that will help you to understand, and help elminate any problems with others in the game arena.

Basic Rules and Safety.

1: No Running: 

Our 2 level arena is lit by black-light, filled with a mist and contains a LOT of obstacles as well as other players, if you run you are likely to hurt yourself or someone else. We understand the desire to move quickly, but players safety comes first.


2: No Physical Contact:

Points are scored by tagging the opposing players vest or laser gun, you get nothing for physically pushing or shoving another player and it may well get you removed from the game. Blocking of the base, especially while out of lives, is not permitted.


3: Hold your laser gun with BOTH hands:

Not only it is much more accurate to shoot while holding the laser gun with both hands, but it is also a safety issue. We also require you to keep your strap around your neck at all times, the equipment is expensive and we don't want the guns dropped or broken, but more importantly we don't want our customers broken.


4: No climbing on the obstacles:

Although our obstacles are pretty sturdy they probably wont take the full weight of a grown adult, aside from that it is dangerous and easy to slip and fall.