Advanced Gameplay Night

All Summer

Tuesday @ 7 pm

$15 for a minimum of 3 games

Looking to step up from dominating new players and Saturday afternoon birthday parties?  Then we may have just what you are looking for with the return of Advanced Gameplay nights here at Q-Zar. 


Tuesday nights at 7 pm we will offer something a little different with variety of advanced game modes, with tournament style rules, that will improve your skill level while still being a lot of fun.

Check out the videos below, from seasoned tournament player Dan Mckeen, to help familiarize yourself with some of the advanced skills you will see on display.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 3 - G Cover

Part 5 - Beginners

Part 7 - 2's

Part 8B - Intermediate

Part 10 - Body & Opponent Manipulation

Part 12 - Pack Watching & Telegraphing

Part 2 - Covers

Part 4 - Cali Cover

Part 6 - 1's

Part 8A - Intermediate

Part 9 - Strategy

Part 11 - Advanced Mentality

Part 13A - FAQ's

Part 13B - FAQ's